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Own your e-business in 2021

Skilling, Reskilling and Upskilling are the most critical services needed in 2021.  Ready-To-Go is a scalable, shareable, flexible, skills development eco-system, that builds your e-learning foundation.


Just partner with betterU

After bring pre-qualified, you will be provided with your own branded skills platform, access to a library of 3,000+ curated courses, a branded marketing website, training, and ongoing support.


Huge demand and opportunity

Online Education is in huge demand globally. Working with betterU, you can build your own skills development business by simply leveraging all our developments,  resources and supporting technology. 


Those who want change

Stuck in a dead-end job?  Need a change? Want to be your own boss? Building your career? Don’t have the funds to build a business from scratch? Looking for a life purpose? Love working from anywhere? 

FREE partner set-up, FREE branding, FREE access!

Build your own e-learning business with betterU

You can support skills development with individuals, students and employees.

Simple, flexible, customizable, affordable and robust!

Build your own Content

Our platform enables you to customize and develop your own content using simple and robust development tools. 

Leverage our library and build more to support your industry.

Access prebuilt library

 With 3,000+ courses across 200 categories and 800+ job role assessments, so you do not need to spend time on developing from scratch. Leverage our resources to advance your own solutions.

Do not reinvent the wheel!

betterU only makes money, when our partners make money!


“With betterU’s platform offering so much value-add for a very appealing monthly subscription cost per employee, it was a no brainer for us.”  VP Sales