• Creating the right skills path

    We don't know, what we don't know. Understanding where we need skills development is critical to creating our path forward.

What skills are needed?

A big mistake employers make is assigning courses not knowing what skills are actually missing or needs improvements.

Skills Gap Assessments ensure individual job and career aspirations are aligned with current capabilities. Simply taking courses without first understanding skill gaps and areas of opportunity is a waste valuable time. Properly understanding an individual’s skills gap with a personalized job role or subject based assessment will help determine the right learning path and growth plan. 

What is a Skills Gap?

A skills gap represents the missing skills one needs to perform a job properly and reach a performance goal. Job roles themselves require a variety of skills and individuals are very rarely proficient in all.  Understanding what areas an individual excels in and what skills need more development is key to success. Focusing  efforts on areas that require more development can save time and money while providing a fulfilling learning experience.

We offer over 1,800 job role and subject base assessments to help individuals determine where they need to focus their skills development efforts.


Why assessments are important?

Every job role is different, and every learner has a unique skill set and learning style that changes over time. One-size-fits-all learning solutions fail to consider diversity of a learner and individual goals. Before beginning a learning journey, one must first be assessed on current skill level to determine areas of weakness or lack of skills all together. Simply assigning courses from a generic library will not guarantee results. 

We offer multiple assessment options, providing a full understanding of current skills capabilities based on a job role or career aspirations and a suggested learning path to what skills are needed to succeed.

Subject Based

We offer a library of single-subject, predefined assessments suitable for in-depth testing of individuals at all levels on a single subject. Most assessments include a 40 question test and provide a global percentile score that can be used for future development opportunities.

The subject-based tests can be customized and modified to suit specific requirements and can be adapted for any training center, educator or employer needs.

Job Role Based

Our library of standard assessments combine questions from multiple subject areas spanning a wide range of job positions. Completing a job role based assessment provides an individual a clear view of what skills and traits are required to successfully fulfil the responsibilities of any job or career. 

Our job based assessments can be used to properly align employment or WIL opportunities with the right individual for the job.


Our assessment tool has the ability to customize the number and type of assessments as well as types of questions required to cover the spectrum of skills within a specific job role. Assessment depth can increase or decrease depending on the desired job outcome.

We work with individuals and groups to ensure we are providing the right assessments to help them achieve their goals.