Step One

Book a 30 minute demo with our team. 
It is very easy to set up! Click below, select the available slot, and that is it. 

Step Two

After approval, let us design your branded platform, upload your user details and set-up your administration and instructor access. If you have content to migrate over, let us also do that for you!

Step Three

After set-up, let us build you a website  provide you with na easy training plan and work with you to launch your new fully operational Ready-To-Go platform!


The skills platform built to make it easy to support skills development training across most industries. 

Set-up Process

Setting up you as a client is a very easy process. In less then 30 minutes, we would have your own dashboard, user profiles, branded interface, content included and training scheduled. 

We do all the heavy lifting!

No annual commitment and pay for Active Users Only

User Rights

You will have as much or as little control as you need. We can manage it all, support you in managing, or give you full administrative rights. 

We are there for you!